Escorted FlyRide SelfGuided RaceMeets

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Bonded?
All our tours are fully bonded with a Travel Industry insurance bond. That means that you are fully protected against financial insolvency. Note that in order to qualify for a Bond we have to satisfy our own insurers of our financial position. In these difficult times we believe that represents a strong proposition that you would be well advised to secure for your own benefit. Every participant on every tour gets an Insurance Certicate. We take it seriously - do you?
I want to extend my holiday. Can you arrange a later/earlier ferry for me?
Yes, just give us a ring on 0800 774 7149 or 07889 936 959 or send an email via our contact page.
I want to travel on a ferry from a port nearer to me. Can you organise this for me?
As well as the Dover/Calais route we can also book you on the following: Eurotunnel - Folkestone - Calais; DFDS Seaways - Newcastle - Amsterdam; P&O Hull - Rotterdam/Zeebrugge; Stena - Harwich - Hook of Holland; Brittany Ferries - Portsmouth - Caen, Portsmouth/Plymouth - Santander/Bilbao; Portsmouth/Poole - Cherbourg; and meet us at the first hotel. Please advise us when booking if you require an alternative channel crossing.
Do you ride in convoy?
Escorted Tours Only: Every tour is different - on shorter tours people do tend to stick together and we try to restrict our speed to a pace that everyone is comfortable with, consistent with making satisfactory progress. On longer tours the group usually breaks down to fours and fives travelling together at a similar pace. We provide detailed written route plans and a full GPS route file (not just the destination) for every day of the tour that you can load into a Garmin or TomTom, so you can ride at whatever pace you like.
What type of bikes come on your tours?
Again, depends upon the nature of the tour. Short breaks can be anything although we recommend nothing less than 600cc. In reality you can tour on any bike if you are sufficiently resourceful and provided that you don't mind making your own way using the Route Plans and GPS info that we provide for you. Most of the bikes tend to be large capacity mile munchers (KTM Adventue, Explorer 1200, ZZR1400, BMWs of every description, FJR1300s etc.) although we see plenty of Tiger 800s, Yamaha Tracer and MT models (both 700 and 900), Triumph Speed/Street Triples, with the occasional sports bikes for solo riders in there too!
Are the bikes secure?
We always look for Hotels with secure parking arrangements and encourage you to bring heavy duty locks with you just in case.
Where can I hire a bike from?
Take a look at the Ads in Motorcycle News, but we have worked with and recommend RoadTrip ( and West Sussex Motorcycle Hire ( Do a Google search on either of the following to get up to date rates: Hunts (Honda dealer in Manchester) HGB Motorcycles (Honda dealer in London hires Hondas for Europe), or Raceways Rentals.
What is the average age of your customers?
Race Meetings 25 and up, other tours 35 and up. Average age is probably nearer 50 but everyone is welcome!
What standard of hotels do you use?
Nothing less than three star with ensuite facilities on our Escorted tours. On longer tours often quite luxurious four star Hotels. Stopovers en route usually three star Hotels - see individual tour descriptions. Price of the tour is a good indicator - as with everything else, you get what you pay for! On our SelfGuided and RaceMeet tours it is mainly three and four star hotels with a few two star hotels and B&B establishments which we use on a regular basis and are popular and are clearly indicated on the website tour description.
Do the hotels have hairdryers?
Are other meals included?
See Tour details on the website - all included items are specified. We try to leave space in the itinerary for you to eat out if we are staying in a nice place with good restaurants nearby. Makes a nice change from group meals every night and you can decide the type of eating experience you want. We recognise that not everybody wants a three course meal every night.
But I am a vegetarian
So are an increasing number of our clients that's why we make special provision for you on the Booking Form. All that we ask is that you let us know IN ADVANCE whether you eat fish or dairy products or any other dietary requirements so that we can put in requests for you at the Hotels.
What clothes do I take?
The usual Luis Vuitton designer labels hired locally if you are worried about creases. Joking apart, casual but smart dress for the evening meal especially in the four star hotels.
What do you do if it rains?
Get wet.
What is the weather going to be like?
Rainy, wet, foggy with an occasional dry spell. Or not as the case may be. As a rule of thumb, the further south you go, the warmer it gets.
Is there a luggage van?
No. If you are not sure what to take with you ask for our Suggested Packing List.
How many miles do you travel each day?
On average we usually plan our routes with approximately 200 to 250 miles between hotels. We design our longer tours as two or three centre holidays. This gives you the chance to unpack your clothes and relax. The most we would travel on our Escorted tour planned routes is 350 miles in any one day, but these are the exception.
On the Escorted tours what is the size of your groups?
The average number of motorcycles on our Escorted tours in 2019 was 14.