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2023 will be the centenary of the Manx GP, so it will be a very special event with stars and heroes of yesteryear present, as well as many of the machines they rode.

We are lucky to have friends on the Isle of Man, and since the late 80’s we have been going to the Isle of Man, mainly to watch the TT races and going more years than not. However, there is much more to this piece of rock in the Irish sea, and racing aside we just love the place, so we thought we might share our knowledge of the Island with some of you lovely people.

The Island itself is a mystical, magical place, with its own laid back way of life, and even vocabulary. You and I will be ‘come overs’, and no one will say the word ‘rat’, although they have many alternatives (our friends prefer to call them 'long-tails'). See an entertaining and educational video here. Get out of Douglas and into the sticks and the roads are quiet and interesting, mostly the scenery and coastline is glorious, and as well as seals near to shore you might even see a whale or two. And maybe the fairies too…

However, the racing is taken very seriously, with many of the current hot shot TT racers entering to keep their eye in, and get some extra laps of the mountain course completed. And just because the bikes are 'Classic' don't for one minute think that they are slow - they will still be outrageously fast as they roar past just a few feet from us.

Along with exotic Italian multi cylinder machines previously mentioned there will be British single cylinder bikes from the 50's & 60's, thoroughbred two stroke 250cc grand prix racing machines, and 'Superbikes' from the early 80’s right through to the 90's with 750cc four strokes from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki pitted against V Twin Ducati’s, the riotous Rotary Norton’s, and even the odd 500cc GP two stroke! In short, sights, sounds, and smells that you simply won't experience anywhere else as these machines have their necks wrung around the mountain course, and we will take you to some of the less well known spectating points where the drama is just jaw-dropping.

The downside of the Island being so popular is that demand far exceeds supply for both ferry sailings and accommodation, and the price reflects this as does the requirement to pay an unusually large deposit. The rooms we have secured are all double or twin en-suite rooms, right on Douglas promenade in a 4 star hotel, where we will have breakfast each morning.

The tour will start at the ferry port in Liverpool where we will be sailing on the 12:00 to Douglas, with the return sailing to Heysham leaving Douglas early on Wednesday 30 August, which gives FIVE FULL DAYS on the Island, and includes all three race days. We will also have ride-outs to the more scenic parts of the Island when the roads are open, as well as a lap or two of the course if time permits.

The Isle of Man truly is a wondrous place, and everyone should go at least once. Come with us, and see for yourself.


For further information on this tour ask for our Fact sheet via our Contact Page CLICK HERE

R2304 - Isle of Man

24th August 2023 to

30th August 2023

Centenary Manx GP Escorted Tour

White ArrowHIGHLIGHTS...
  • All 3 Manx GP race days
  • Tour leader familiar with the Island
  • Fully immersive experience
  • Planned Ride-outs
  • Ride the famous Mountain course
  • Return ferry from mainland UK
  • SIX nights B&B in en-suite accommodation
  • On the Island for all 3 race days
  • Escorted by MCi Tour Manager
  • Full email tour pack, route plans, ride out routes & GPS co-ordinates
White ArrowEXTRAS...
  • All dinners on the Island.
  • Meals & drinks on board ferries
  • Lunches, drinks and snacks
White ArrowPRICE per person...
1 person, 1 bike, single room
1 person, 1 bike, shared room
2 people, 1 bike, shared room
Deposit payable at time of booking:
£600 per person