Falaise Gap battlefields tour

Following up on the D-Day 75th Anniversary Tour we ran in 2019 this tour looks at the next critical steps in driving the Nazis out of Europe. With an Accredited Battlefield Guide riding with us to explain each step, come and find out for yourself how these next decisive engagements finally handed victory to the Allies in the "Battle of Normandy".

After the initial landings of D-Day and the build up of a bridgehead along the beaches  Operation Goodwood was launched on 18 July 1944, a British offensive to complete the capture of Caen. This action drew German armour east, and away from the Americans at Saint-Lo, where US forces launced Operation Cobra on 25 July.

Cobra opened with an intense Allied aerial bombardment of a section of the German line west of Saint-Lo, and with supplies running low and their armoured reserves tied down at Caen, the German defences crumbled allowing the Americans to punch through their lines.

The Germans fell back in both these areas, the Americans spilling south and east, while the British and Canadians pushed south. Despite a chronic shortage of resources and low morale amid the German troops, Hitler insisted on a new counter offensive in Normandy. Despite protests from his officers the Commander of the German Army’s Group B, Field Marshal Gunther von Kluge, carried out the Nazi leader’s demands.

The Germans launched Operation Luttich on 7 August with the aim of splitting the Allies. In some places the Germans pushed several miles into American lines but, after six days of fighting and under heavy Allied air attacks, the offensive stalled. German casualties were high, and worse still the Germans had buried themselves even deeper behind Allied lines in a pocket around the area of Falaise. This left them vulnerable to envelopment

Allied commander (the then General) Bernard Montgomery ordered British and Canadian forces, who were by then pressing on Falaise, to push south-east toward Trun and Chambois in the Dives Valley. The Americans, meanwhile, were to head for Argentan. Between them, they would succesfully envelop most of German Army Group B, and break out of Normandy.

Starting with an overnight ferry from Portsmouth on the Friday night to start our long weekend, we arrive in Caen early the next morning.  With two nights in a quality four star Hotel in Caen we will have a full two and a half days to explore the terrain, learn the history of these intertwined operations, and to pay our respects.

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E2001 - France

17th April 2020 to

20th April 2020

Falaise Gap battlefields tour

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  • Accredited Battlefield Guide
  • Ideal for a first trip into Europe
  • Low mileage tour
  • 4 star hotel accommodation
  • Portsmouth/Caen overnight ferry outward in shared inside cabin (singles on request)
  • Caen/Portsmouth evening return sailing with reserved lounge seat
  • TWO nights accommodation in well located four star Hotel
  • TWO evening meals
  • Bike mounted Accredited Battlefield Guide riding with us throughout
  • Escorted by MCi Tour Manager
  • Full email tour pack, route plans, ride out routes & GPS co-ordinates
  • Hotel parking
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  • Entry fees to museums and attractions not specified.
  • Meals on board ferries
  • Lunches, drinks and snacks
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1 person, 1 bike, single room
1 person, 1 bike, shared room
2 people, 1 bike, shared room
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£199 per person