Ride Sicily and Southern Italy!

Classical Italy! Think amphitheatres, temples, centurions, statues, columns, Gods, architecture... You may be familiar with Rome, perhaps you have always wanted to visit Pompeii or Pisa but to RIDE to the southern tip of Italy?

This classic tour will give you real insights into Sicily - an area largely unspoilt where many sites of historical importance remain to be discovered. And as we found on our Classical Greece tour the more inaccessible places are real treasures when you ride a motorcycle!

After an overnight stop enroute we will ride to Genoa to pick up an overnight crossing that will take us direct into Palermo, Sicily. Let the adventure begin...

In the next EIGHT days we will ride mountain passes, visit temples and  marvel at  ruins of ancient civilisations. Ride with us and gain insights not available to the casual tourist on routes that we have prepared from our previous visits.  As an example I give you an assessment of Selinunte, just one of many sites that we will visit during our stay:

"On the south west coast of Sicily, not far from Mazara del Vallo, lies one of the largest and most impressive archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. On a par with pretty much anything found in Greece itself, Selinunte has lain abandoned for over 2,000 years, its numerous temples, acropolis and agora in dignified ruins. From being one of the most progressive and eminent cities in Magna Graecia, in 409BC Selinunte became, almost overnight, a large expanse of rubble. The reason for this was an attack from the old enemy, the Carthaginians who, for many years, had seen this upstart town as a threat to their influence in Sicily. Taking advantage of some trouble between the Greeks of Selinunte and the Elyminians of Segesta, the Carthaginians sent some 100,000 men to lay siege to the town, which was only able to hold out for nine days. The subsequent sacking involved the massacre of some 16,000 of the town’s inhabitants while most of the remaining citizens were taken into slavery."

We recently completed our 2016 tour of Sicily and were very pleased that our preparations had all borne fruit - the hotels, the practicalities of the routes and the places we intend to visit all ensure that you will get the most out of this extraordinary adventure. Our priority is that the routes and daily activities need to be achievable in the timescale afforded and at the same time we want to be sure that we visit as much of the Sicilian landscape (including Mount Etna) so that you come away with enduring memories of this exciting destination!

The focus will be on Sicily but it also gives the opportunity to visit areas of southern Italy on the return leg of our journey. AFter a short sea crossing to the toe of Italy we stop enroute for an overnight stay before continuing to our base for three nights near Sorrento to facillitate rides out to Herculaneum and Pompeii. We will ride the beautiful Amalfi coastline and stay in Pisa so that we can take in a photostop at the Leaning Tower. And on our return through France the more ambitious can join us on a ride back up the Route Napoleon after a stopover in a favourite Hotel on the outskirts of Grasse, the perfume capital of Provence.

This is a SIXTEEN day tour staying in three and four star Hotels making the most of the time available by giving you a full week in Sicily, five nights in mainland Italy and includes an overnight ferry with shared cabin direct to Sicily and return via Calais/Dover. We also include twelve restaurant quality evening meals in the price of your tour. 

If you have a mile munching motorcycle and an interest in Classical history this really is the tour for you...

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E02 - Italy

5th May 2017 to

20th May 2017

Sicily - Classical Italy

White ArrowHIGHLIGHTS...
  • Full week in Sicily!
  • Best Motorcycle riding routes
  • Ride the Amalfi Coastline
  • All ferries pre-booked for you
  • Best Classical sites in Europe!
  • Dover/Calais outward & return and overnight ferry shared cabin direct to Sicily
  • FOURTEEN nights bed & buffet breakfast in 3/4 star Hotels
  • TWELVE restaurant quality evening meals
  • Route plans, ride out routes
    & Garmin GPS Mapsource file
  • Accompanied by MCi Tour Managers
White ArrowEXTRAS...
  • Superior room upgrades subject to availability
  • Single cabin and seaview upgrades on overnight ferry
  • Entry fees and parking at historical sites
  • Ferry Sicily/Italy (approx €14 incl. EcoPass)
White ArrowPRICE per person...
1 person, 1 bike, single room
1 person, 1 bike, shared room
2 people, 1 bike, shared room
Deposit payable at time of booking:
£250 per person